Hostal Caulle undertakes to minimize the risks of its operation in the environmental, socio-cultural and economic sphere. We take responsibility for the sustainable development of the Ranco Lake Basin, seeking to take on new challenges by committing ourselves to:



Minimize the generation of waste and carry out responsible management with it.

Promote and instill energy and water efficiency.

Promote and show awareness of the environment.

Contribute to the sustainable development of the Ranco Lake Basin.


Cultural Partner

Not promoting the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms, especially and in particular sexual exploitation when it affects adolescent boys and girls, both within the company and its suppliers, visitors, tourists and in the community.

Provide relevant, current and genuine information to our guests.

Network with local community entrepreneurs.

Respect for local communities and especially members of native peoples.



Stimulate the local economy through the sustainable tourism development of the Ranco Lake Basin.

Adhere to 5 principles of fair trade:

  1. Promotion of fair trade.
  2. Respect for the environment.
  3. No to child labor, no to forced labor.
  4. Capacity development.
  5. Opportunity for disadvantaged producers.


Supply Policy


Hostal Caulle undertakes to apply this policy by adopting the environmental, socio-cultural and economic areas in its contracting processes for suppliers and / or producers in order to contribute to compliance with the corporate sustainability policy and lean towards the growth of the business within the framework of sustainable development. Making changes, improvements or acquisitions considering the following purposes:




  • Have a sustainable purchasing system, favor environmentally friendly and / or biodegradable products.
  • Creation of a returnable drink purchase system within the hostel, where guests can request the container at the reception or dining room, to reduce the disposable container.
  • Generation of alliances with producers of crafts and / or food in the region to sell their products within the hostel.
  • Preference for providers in the region.
  • Keep a purchase record on a monthly and annual basis that contains at least the details of the purchased product, company data and the value of the products on a monthly basis.
  • Provide and follow the principle of fair trade "Opportunities for disadvantaged producers" of the Ranco Province, ensuring their recognition in the products sold in the hostel.
  • Generate standards of ethics, transparency, trust and responsibility in relationships as a company with its suppliers.
  • Generate quality, health, safety, environmental, energy efficiency and business continuity management to constantly improve the supply model.



Senior management, collaborators, suppliers and / or producers.