Take the proper precautions and educate yourself well to protect yourself and take care of those around you.



We will check your temperature every time you enter the hostel.


Authorized personnel will perform non-invasive temperature controls on guests, clients, suppliers and workers using digital thermometers. Anyone showing a temperature above 37.5 ° C will be taken to a private area for a secondary body temperature examination. If that temperature is maintained, you will be recommended to attend a medical center and you will not be allowed to enter the Hostel.

We disinfect your footwear.


At the entrance to our hostel we will have sanitizers so you can disinfect your shoes.

Cleaning protocols


Cleaning of surfaces in common areas: the disinfection of the reception, corridors, bathrooms and other common areas of the hostel is carried out following cleaning protocols, products and frequency.


Disinfection of the rooms, suitcases upon arrival at the hostel and the room keys.

We use technology and cleaning products of maximum efficiency on all surfaces, objects and decorative elements, as well as clinically proven protocols for washing textiles.

Social distancing rules.


Safety signs: we have created specific signs in all the common areas of the hostel, reminding us of the need to maintain a safety distance. Staff support: to help clients implement measures in all areas.

Personal protection material


Disinfectant dispensers will be located at the entrances to all contact areas for workers, guests and clients.